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Neck, Shoulder, Arm Pain Relief for Woodbury

Imagine balancing a 12 lb. (5.5 kg.) bowling ball on the tips of your fingers.

All day long.

That’s just one of many things your neck must do. Your neck and shoulders work hard. Even the smallest deviation in the relationships of the seven bones of your neck can cause pain and reduced head and neck mobility.

Shoulder pain as a symptom is easily recognized but seldom understood. Earlier less acute symptoms provide the tip off. What often results in the aching, throbbing shoulder, is a condition that began as stiff and tender shawl muscles across the top of the shoulder. Left untreated, that stiffness and tenderness can progress over a period of weeks that could ultimately reach an intensity that is almost unbearable. Burning ache of the shoulder can and often does extend into the neck and head. Obviously, neck and shoulder movement becomes increasingly painful and difficult. Shaving, combing/shampooing ones hair can cause an increase and sharpness of pain down the arm and tingling into the fingers. Sometimes, weakness, fatigue, and tremor of the arm accompany the pain and the muscles across the chest become tender and are made more severe by coughing or sneezing. Nature responds to the incessant pain by varying degrees of immobility.

Shoulder and arm pain constitutes the most frequently recognized symptoms of the lower neck and upper spine. Abnormally small or distorted nerve openings serve to irritate the nerves which pass through them which supplies the shoulder, neck, arm, upper back and chest muscles. It follows that muscles supplied by irritated nerves themselves become tense, painful and loose their normal elasticity and ability to relax. The shoulder pain, tingling and the pain across the chest can be only the first of many problems. Upper back aches, headaches, pain and tenderness of the forearm all are pieces of the composite pie.


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