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Patient Reviews Woodbury Chiropractic Center

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Woodbury Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health
Dr. Steven Levy

Skeptic To Believer

Any relationship, business or professional, has two sides. I came to my first appointment a bit apprehensive and disappointed that nothing I had tried thus far, e.g., medication, PT, trigger point injections, etc. had really “worked” to relieve my pain/discomfort. And I was skeptical…and, in hindsight, I can see I was also wrong. Everyone at this office is kind, empathetic, and friendly…all of them do their best to put you at ease and relieve your discomfort. They are extraordinary – as is Dr. Levy, who I now rely on and trust with my care. I am grateful to him for his patient attention and his willingness to work with a skeptic until I came a believer in his professional skills and expertise.

Joan V.

Wonderful Staff

Dr. Levy has been a long time friend of my fathers since I was a little girl. Up until recently I started to experience some issues with my back and neck due to severe stress and my father told me to reach out to Dr. Levy for assistance. I am glad I did. The staff is great and so friendly. I feel like i am going to a friends house every time I go there. Very welcoming. 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! They rock !

Vanessa P.

Wonderful Staff

Wonderful staff, always polite kind and courteous.

Arthur R.

Almost A 100% Turnaround

I have had almost a 100% turnaround in regards to the issues I was having when I first started. I could barely sit for more than 5 minutes and I had constant shooting pain in my knee and leg and numbness in my foot. I have basically none of that now. I’m very pleased.

Andrew H.


I’ve only been three times, but so far the experience has been great. I had to bring my 2 toddlers to one of the visits and the staff went above and beyond to help make the visit go smooth and not let me feel like a total jerk for having to bring them! Dr. Levy is great and I look forward to getting to my appointments!

Siobhan P.

You First

Dr. Levy is awesome. While other chiropractors “talk” or give impressions of “holistic lifestyle care”, Dr. Levy practices. He is interested in you and your healing, not targeting a niche market. His treatment, patient care and education, comprehensive approach using the very best of different modalities and approach of you first is excellent. This doctor has been practicing over 30 years in this community, supports this community, and works hard to make your healing affordable, possible and real. Would you trust your body and health care to anyone else?


I am grateful to have had you as my chiropractor

Dr. Levy… here I am…how many years later? I saw an ad today for Chiropractic care and I thought of you and all you did for me! This evening I hopped on the Internet to see if you still have your practice in Woodbury….and you do….AND 2 more children! Just wanted you to know how fantastic I feel (sans any surgery) thanks to you. I remember the excruciating pain I suffered and how, with each treatment I improved. You genuinely cared about my progress and it was obvious. So many of my friends here in Georgia suffer with neck pain and discomfort…I tell them they need to take a trip to Woodbury, Connecticut and see Dr. Levy. You are blessed with a very special gift. I am grateful to have had you as my chiropractor during a most difficult time in my life. I’m 66 now, and still feeling great! Continue to help as many people as you can handle (literally.hahaha) You are the best!


The Nicest Doctors’ Office I Have Been To

Dr. Levy, Marion, Cheryl, Kris, and the entire staff are all wonderful. This is the nicest doctors’ office I have been to. You are not just a number here. They really care and there is a lot of attention given to the patient. Dr. Levy continues to try to make you feel well. He is the only doctor that has made me feel better and I love the whole atmosphere of the office. I would highly recommend Dr. Levy. :)

Cheryl : Thomaston

Woodbury Chiropractic Center is Awesome!

It all starts with a warm and friendly staff. Then there is Doctor Levy, who is very gentle and takes the time to listen to all that’s going on with your body. Frequent chiropractic visits in the beginning to start feeling better are recommended but not demanded. It’s all up to you and how good you want to feel! I highly recommended Dr Levy for everyone that wants to feel better and live without pain.

Laura : Southbury

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Even though I am in some sort of pain, it is always a comfort to come to Dr. Levy’s office and receive treatment. The staff is pleasant, helpful and willing to try to accommodate my schedule.

Recently, I have been undergoing Spinal Decompression Therapy for treatment of sciatica and it has made a remarkable difference in my back and given me consistent relief from the discomfort. I recommend it highly.

Carolyn : Woodbury

Neck and Back Pain

Several years ago, my primary care physician referred me to Dr. Levy for neck and back pain issues. Ever since then, Dr. Levy and his staff have taken exceptional care of me. I have brought my children to Dr. Levy as well. The staff are also very accommodating with appointment scheduling. I highly recommend Woodbury Chiropractic Center.

Sharon : Southbury

Problems Corrected Without Surgery.

I have been Dr. Levy’s patient for 26 years. Throughout this time, I had developed a few medical problems that normally would have required surgery. Under Dr. Levy’s care and maintenance these problems were corrected without surgery. At age 58, I don’t feel a day over 30 both mentally and now physically. I am a true believer that holistic healing is the way to go.

Linda : Waterbury

Injured Back

I would like to say thank you for everything you and your team has done for me. When I injured my back in December you guys took me in with open arms and had me back on my feet in no time. I was a little skeptical about chiropractic care in the beginning but I didn’t want to have surgery. After seeing you for two different injuries I am thoroughly convinced that I made the right decision to go with chiropractic care rather than surgery. I appreciate all you and your team has done for me.

Adam : Watertown

Chronic Neck Pain

I wanted to express my appreciation for your treatment and care over the last three years. I have suffered from chronic neck pain sustained in a car accident many years ago, and more recently from three compression fractures of the spine. From the initial phone call to the office, registration and ongoing treatment, you and your office staff have shown the highest level of professionalism and kindness. I am feeling so much better and am slowly returning to my active lifestyle as a senior.

MaryAnn : Middlebury

Severe and Incapacitating Back Pain

I’ve been visiting Dr. Levy’s practice since 2003 after desperately having tried to find the right medical intervention for my severe and incapacitating back pain. Dr. Levy’s practice came highly recommended from a friend who also suffered excruciating back pain and like myself, after multiple attempts with other medical alternatives, had not found relief for her back condition. With the right amount of office visits and proper treatments (including following the doctor’s advice on proper care for the body) I soon noticed less discomfort/pain associated with my lower back condition and began to detect much more mobility and flexibility in my lower back. In addition, soon after beginning chiropractic treatment, I was able to quickly get rid of the numerous pain management medications that were only providing temporary relief (and occasionally side effects) without the benefit of noticeable physical improvement. I also utilized chiropractic care for other conditions such as ongoing migraine headaches and body tension. Dr. Levy’s level of knowledge and professionalism coupled with his caring and comfortable environment provided by his staff have created the perfect atmosphere for my recovery. It is for this reason that I have not only continued to schedule periodic adjustments (despite living 23 miles away from the office) but have also highly recommended Dr. Levy’s practice to a number of friends. Based on the great results I have seen, I will continue to utilize and recommend Woodbury Chiropractic Center to anyone in need of this type of treatment.

Maria : Meridan

Recommended Dr. Levy to All My Friends

I have been a patient of Dr. Steve Levy for over 25 years and I have recommended him to all my friends. Steve is very knowledgeable and keeps up to date on all the new medical techniques. He will refer you to a regular MD or orthopedic specialist when a cure is beyond his limitation. The office staff is electrifying and the atmosphere is a very friendly one… you are not a patient there… you are part of a family and are treated as such.

George : Southbury



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