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Most people don’t realize that chiropractic can help a variety of other issues besides back and neck pain that you wouldn’t normally attribute to your spine. Here are a few in particular that Dr. Levy enjoys helping patients with in his Woodbury | Waterbury area chiropractic office:


We enjoy treating Woodbury | Waterbury area patients with headaches in our Woodbury | chiropractic office because our patients great such great results! Of all the conditions we treat, headaches have the highest success rate. Both chiropractic and medical research, have determined that the most common cause of headaches is the interference with the nerve and blood supply to and from the brain, due to spinal nerve irritation in the neck.

Our thorough examination detects vertebral subluxation complex patterns that could be causing your headaches. If vertebral subluxation complexes are present, you’re likely to benefit from chiropractic care. Read more»

Difficult cases or cases that did not respond to traditional medical care

Dr. Levy enjoys treating Woodbury | Waterbury area patients with difficult cases or those that didn’t respond to traditional care because we have a very high success rate. We utilize conservative chiropractic care as well as acupuncture, physical therapy and spinal decompression.

Personal Injury and Auto Accident Cases

Like many other Woodbury | Waterbury area chiropractors we treat personal injury and auto accident cases. Dr. Levy really enjoys these cases because it is gratifying to see our patients achieve such great results, in such a short amount of time. Our patients also appreciate our caring and attentive staff who also help with other aspects involved in personal injury cases, such as coordinating diagnostic testing, physician referrals, paperwork, insurance forms etc.

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